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Executive Officer,(On Deputation) Delhi State Haj Committee/ Deputy Secretary, Delhi Legislative Assembly

Pay Scale/GP

9300-34800 PG `4800

Initial appointment

Urdu Officer (Gazetted group B) Dept. of Art, Culture and languages, govt. of NCT of Delhi (Recruited by UPSC)

Date of Birth


Office Address

Delhi State Haj Committee, Haj Manzil, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi-110002, Ph: 23230507,

Residential Address

FA-39, 2nd floor, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, Oklha,New Delhi-110025

Academic Qualification:

M.Phil. (Urdu) Secured Gold Medal in M.A. (Urdu)

Languages Known:




Research Papers


Articles & Reviews


Editing & Compiling works


Book under Publication


Papers Presented in Seminars, Symposiums Conferences


Workshops in Urdu (coordinated/participated)


Conduct of National & International Seminar/Conference


Radio Talks


Hony. Posts Held


Awards & Prizes




Worked as Urdu Officer (gazetted group ‘B’), dept. of Art, Culture and languages, govt. of NCT of Delhi for 14 years w.e.f. 14.02.2000 to 27.12.2013 recruited by UPSC.

Contributed in evolving and implementing the govt. policies, projects and schemes for promotion of Urdu language. Designed & organised Urdu learning courses, Urdu workshops, competitions for govt. officers/officials as well as seminars/symposiums and meetings on academic, literary & linguistic topics & handled its financial matters such as scheme wise financial break-up, codal formalities, calling of quotations, preparation of its summaries, sanction letters, settlement and adjustment of bills, etc. Also have been link officer for DDO.

Rendered best efforts and contributed for successful implementation of “The Delhi Official Languages Act” for acceptance of representations/petitions/complaints and letters in minority languages Urdu/Punjabi and installation of signages/boards of govt. buildings/offices and roads.

Prepared new and innovative proposals and schemes with its financial implications for promotion, development and preservation of Urdu as well as minority languages. Prepared Annual and periodical reports on Minority Languages/ linguistic/ Minorities such as Annual report for Linguistic Minorities/commissioner for Linguistic minorities Govt. of India, report for Religious and Linguistic Minorities, GOI

Organised and coordinated State Level Meeting for Justice Sachchar Committee. Prepared input materials for preparation of C.M speech on occasion of Independence Day as well as for L.G speech for budget session of Delhi Legislative Assembly.

Contributed the department as State co-ordinator for Rajaram Mohan Roy Library Foundation, Govt. Of India for matching and non- matching scheme, Convener/ Nodal Officer and member for departmental committees (Administrative and Financial enquiry committee, sexual harassment committees, Grievance Redressal Committee, RTI monitoring committee, L.Gs VIR.

Participated and represented in administrative capacity in various state level, regional and national level program/ meetings/ workshops/ conferences on linguistic literacy and organizational matter inside and outside Delhi).


1. Worked as temporary lecturer, Department of Urdu, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

2. Taught at degree level, Department of Urdu A.M.U. Aligarh as U.G.C. research fellow.

SYLLABI: Participated in various workshops and meeting for development of Urdu textbooks and wrote/ contributed teaching materials for primary, secondary and senior- secondary standard for NCERT, SCERT, NIOS.

RESEARCH: Worked as Research assistant in a research project of Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India & A.M.U, Aligarh on Urdu writings of Data Dayal Mahrishi Shiv Bert Lal Verman. Completed research for the award of M.Phil. Degree on the topic of “Introduction and appreciation of Urdu translations of Russian Novels (with special reference to Tolstoy, Dostoevsky & Gorky)”

TRANSLATION: Having 14 yrs of experience of translation and vetting of translation of different type of govt. documents reports, acts, rules and bylaws, etc.


1. Compiled a book “Urdu Zaban ka Farogh; Jihat Aur Imkanat” Published by Department of Art, Culture & Language, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

2. Assistant Editor Sada-e-Taleem” “Weekly Aligarh.

3. Worked as editor “ALIGARIAN” a fortnightly organ of A.M.U. Student’s Union for the session 1989-90

4. Assisted in editing and production of “FIKR-O-NAZAR” under the Editorship of Janapith award winner and famous Urdu Poet Prof. Shahryar during January 1991 to December 1995.

5. Edited “AHANG-E-NAU” Monthly, Aligarh.

6. Edited “AL-SHAMS” Patna.

7. Compiled a booklet – 1984.

8. Member editorial Board “VIQAAR” Aligarh.

WRITING (Published works):

Nearly Six Dozen articles, critical essays, reviews and research papers etc. have been published in books, Journals and newspapers such as Tahreek-e-Azadi, Meerut, Fikr-o- Nazar, Tahzeebul Akhlaq, Ahang-e-Nau, Ajkal, Aiwan-e-Urdu,Dilli Urdu,Sabak-e-Urdu, Banaras,Palika Samachar, Al Shams, Viqar, Aftab, Mohsin, Zia, Al-Habib, Sir Syed Review, Iqbal Magazine, Sulaiman, Raftar, Fasl-e-Sir Syed, Nai Duniya Weekly, Daily Qaumi Awaz New Delhi, Qaumi Awaz Patna, Qaumi Awaz Lucknow, Eisar Patna, Iqra Kolkata, Akhbar-e-Mashriq Kolkata, Lamaat Patna, Pindar, Sangam, Sada-e-Aam, Alig Time, Qaumi Tanzeem Patna, Aiwam-e-Urdu Delhi,Inquilab,Delhi.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (Academic, Literary & Cultural):

1. Contributed in preparation and development of study materials for Urdu textbooks for 1st to 8th Standard for S.C.E.R.T, Govt. of Delhi.

2. Wrote chapters for Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Urdu Textbooks of NCERT.

3. Wrote chapters for 10th & 12th Standard Textbooks of NIOS.

4. Secretary Anjuman “Urdu-e-Moalla”. An Urdu Literary forum of A.M.U., Aligarh under the Dept. of Urdu

5. Joint Secretary University Literary Club. A.M.U. Aligarh.

6. Secretary Anjuman Musann-e-Fin-e-Nau, Aligarh (An independent Literary Association).

7. Secretary Jamiat-ut-Talaba, A Literary Forum of M.I.S. Huda.

8. Secretary Muslim Students Union, (An independent Social and Literary Org.).


Participated in various National/International Seminar, Symposium and Workshop organized by various esteemed institutions and organizations and contributed/Presented papers.

1. Participated and contributed in National Conference for “National Testing Service- India” (Centre for Testing and Evaluation) organized by Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL, Mysore)

2. Presented a paper on Akhter Sherani in Seminar organized by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi at Jaipur.

3. Presented a paper on First War of Independence in Seminar organized by National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) at Mongher, Bihar.

4. Presented a paper on First War of Independence in Seminar organized by Ghalib Institute, New Delhi.

5. Presented a paper on First War of Independence in Seminar organized by Deptt. Of Urdu, CCS University, Meerut U.P.

6. Presented a paper on Child Literature in Urdu in Seminar organized by Deptt. Of Urdu, University of Delhi.

7. Coordinated a Workshop & Orientation Program of Urdu Teachers organized by Academy for Professional Development of Urdu Medium Teachers JMI, New Delhi.

8. Delivered a Lecture on Modernization of Madrasa Education organized by Deptt. Of Education, JMI New Delhi.

9. Delivered a Lecture on Significance of Urdu Teaching organized by Primary Urdu Teachers Association, Ghaziabad Chapter, UP.

10. Presented a paper on “Written Literature and Visual art” in a seminar organized by Urdu Academy, Govt. of NCT Delhi.

11. Delivered a lecture in Conference on Urdu Publication organized by NCPUL, New Delhi.

12. Delivered a lecture on “Teaching of Urdu; Problems & Prospects” in a workshop organized by Education Department, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), New Delhi.

13. Coordinated a Workshop of Urdu Teachers organized by Urdu Teaching and Research Centre, Lucknow.

14. Participated in a six-day workshop on Patriotic Poetry Collection, organized by UTRC, Lucknow.

15. Three papers presented in 15 day programme on the Occasion of Khuda Bukhsh Day Celebration organized by khuda Bukhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna.

16. Presented a paper on the Occasion of first death anniversary of Qazi Abdul Wadood organized by Khuda Bukhsh O.P. Library, Patna.

17. Presented a paper on the Occasion of IInd Death anniversary of Qazi Abdul Wadood organized by K.B.L. Patna.

18. Presented a paper on M.Imtiyaz Ali Khan Arshi orgd. by Govt. Girls College, Rampur,U.P.

19. Presented a paper on Faiz AhmadFaiz ki Dibacha Nigari orgd. by NCERT at Patiala University, Punjab.

20. Presented a paper on Hayatullah Ansari on his novel “Madaar”(an only novel on mother tongue concern) in a seminar orgd. through MOC.

21. Presented a paper on Urdu Movement with special reference to prof. Aale Ahmad Suroor in a seminar orgd. by MOC

22. Presented a paper on Manto ki Mazmoon Nigari in aseminar orgd. by sahithya akademi at Kolkata.

23. Presented a paper on Jameel Mazhari.

24. Presented a paper on Rational Tradition in 19th century and Bihar orgd. at KBL Patna.

25. Presented a paper on Faiz Centenary Celebrations, Jammu.

26. Presented a paper on Meer Ka Lisani Shaoor orgd. by Zakir Hussain College(evng.).

27. Presented a paper on Urdu Education at school level in Delhi orgd by NCERT.

28. Presented a paper on Adab-e-Lateef and Meer Nasir Ali orgd. by Dayal Singh College University of Delhi.

29. Presented a paper for the General Education Center A.M.U. Aligarh.

30. Presented a paper on the occasion of Convocation Day Celebration of Bihar State Madrasa Education Board, Patna.

31. Presented a paper on the occasion of Ross Masood Centenary Celebration organized by R.M. Hall, A.M.U. Aligarh.

32. Presented a paper on the occasion of Sir Syed Day Celebration, Dept. of Urdu, A.M.U. Aligarh.

33. Presented a paper on the occasion of Sir Syed Day Celebration, Deptt.Of Urdu, A.M.U. Aligarh.

34. Presented a paper in National Seminar organized by Aftab Hall, A.M.U. Aligarh.

35. Presented a paper in National Seminar on Nazm-e-Jadeed, Deptt. Of Urdu, A.M.U. Aligarh.

36. Presented a paper in a Seminar organized by Research Association, Deptt. Of Urdu, A.M.U. Aligarh.

37. Presented a paper on Sir Syed Day Celebration, Department of Urdu, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

38. Presented a paper on Sir Syed Day Celebration, Deptt. Of Urdu, A.M.U. Aligarh.

39. Presented a paper on the occasion of Republic Day Celebration, organized by Muslim Students Union Patna.

40. Presented a paper on the occasion of Justice Noorul Huda Day, organized by M.I.S. Huda, Patna.

41. Presented a paper on Rural Development and Education, Muzaffarpur, Bihar.


1. Participated in Dozens of Programme on All India Radio National & External Channel and Presented on Different Academic, Social, Literary and Cultural topics.


1. Award for out standing service. By All India Crime Prevention Society. Delhi State

2. Bagged first Prize in Essay Competition organized by Indian Council for Cultural Relation at SAARC level, and got the award from Hon’ble President of India. 3. Honoured with Memento on Occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebration of University of Delhi for excellent service towards promotion of Urdu language.

4. First Prize of Khuda Bakhsh Day Celebration by khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library (KBL), Patna.

5. All India Qazi Abdul Wadood Literary Award (Twice) by KBL, Patna.

6. Honorary memento by Primary Teachers Association, Western U.P. Zone

7. Awarded University Gold Medal for securing first position in M.A. Urdu Examination

8. Awarded University Merit Scholarship at Degree level 1996 to 89.

9. First prize in Essay Competition by Deptt. Of Urdu, A.M.U., Aligarh.

10. Special prize by Deptt. Of Urdu, A.M.U., Aligarh.

11. Best Team prize in Urdu Set Debate on the occasion of Republic Day Celebration by G.E.C. AMU, Aligarh.

12. First prize in Essay Writing 13. Awarded Certificate of honor as best Debater, by Arabic & Persian Research Institute, Patna.

14. IInd Prize in Current Book review 1990 by University Literary Club, A.M.U, Aligarh.

15. IInd Prize in Essay Writing by G.E.C. AMU., Aligarh.

16. IInd Prize in Essay Writing by G.E.C., A.M.U., Aligarh.

17. First Prize on Iqbal Day Competition, by Jamia Salfia, Darbhanga, Bihar.

18. Three first prize in Essay writing on occasion of Justice Noorul Huda Day Celebration by M.I.S. Huda, Patna.

19. First Debater Prize on T.V. Serial TAMAS by Patna University Literary Club.

20. First prize in Essay Writing by Bazm-e-Iqbal Bodhgaya, Bihar.

21. Awarded certificate of First Articles Writer by Arabic and Persian Institute, Patna.

22. First Prize in Essay Writing by M.I.S. Huda, Patna.

23. First Prize in Lecture Competition. By M.I.S. Huda, Patna.

24. First Prize as Best Debater by A.P.R.I, Patna.

25. Third Prize for Extempore Debate by Abdullah Hall, A.M.U, Aligarh.

26. Special Prize in Set Debate by Aftab Hall Literary & Cultural Society, Aligarh.

27. Third Prize in G.K. by Mohd. Habib Hall, A.M.U, Aligarh

28. Third Prize in G.K. by S.S. Hall South, A.M.U, Aligarh.