Welcome to Delhi state Haj Committee

Delhi State Haj Committee is a statutory body Constituted as per Delhi Haj Rules-2006, under Haj Act-2002 (Parliament Act No. 35 of 2002). As per Delhi Haj Rules-2006, 1st Delhi State Haj Committee was constituted in year 2007. However, the regular complete Committee was come in to force in the year 2013.
Indian Muslims have been proceeding for Haj through sea routs during British Rule and earlier, starting their holy journey from sea port of Bombay. The records available indicate the existence of the Haj Committee, Bombay in the year 1927. The then Commissioner of Police Mr. D. Healy Esq, was the president of Haj Committee, Bombay. The formal meeting of this Committee was held on 14 April 1927. In view of increase of no. of Haj aspirant, an Act named “Port Haj Committee Act-1932” come in to force during British Government to establish Committees in the Principal Ports of Pilgrims Traffic to assist the Muslim Pilgrims for Haj. It envisaged the Constitution of “Port Haj Committee Calculta” and “Port Haj Committee Bombay”.
The Port Haj Committee rendered necessary services to the Pilgrims proceeding for Haj till 1959. On 17 December 1959, the Haj Committee Act of 1959 (No. 51 of 1959) was passed. According to this Act a 19 Members Committee was constituted.
As a global phenomenon, the passengers travel by ship declined. People started travailing by Air. Air Travel was introduced gradually for Haj Pilgrims also. However from the year 1995 traveling of Haj Pilgrims by sea routs was fully discarded and all the Pilgrims traveled for Haj through Air.
Traveling by Air being the expensive compared to ship and to facilitate the Haj Pilgrims, the then Government of India decided to provide subsidized Airfare.
After introduction of Air Travel, it was not necessary for all the Haj Pilgrims to reach Bombay. Gradually other embarkation Points were introduced. In 1983 the Delhi Embarkation Point was started, in this way the number of Embarkation Points went on increasing for Haj Travel by Air.
Before 1983 when Delhi Embarkation Point was started in Delhi arrangement are made for only filling of Haj Application Forms and to complete all the formalities to dispatched them to Haj Committee Mumbai at different places in Delhi easily in reach of Haj aspirants like Jamiat Building, Qasim Jan Street etc. Camps are erected at Bus Terminus and Railway Station at Delhi to facilitate the transit Pilgrims to Mumbai by prominent citizen of Delhi as well as the volunteers involved in Haj services. At the time of start of Haj Flights from Delhi in 1983 Mrs. Tajdar Babar was the Chairperson of Delhi State Haj Committee. At that time prominent citizens of Delhi are nominated Members of Delhi State Haj Committee. In the beginning of Delhi Embarkation Point in addition to Delhi, the Pilgrims of UP, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Jammu & Kashmir were departed and in this way regular Haj camps are being erected and continued along with distribution and submission of Haj Application forms. During that period Mr. Atiq Siddiqui, one of the senior member of Delhi State Haj Committee was nominated as Assistant Secretary of Delhi State Haj Committee to provide better facilities to the Haj aspirants and to full fill all administrative formalities in a proper manner and in a time frame period. He was capable to do so, at till date no regular staff was appointed. In 1989 Mr. Mohsin Ali (present Dy. Executive Officer, Delhi State Haj Committee) was appointed as a first regular employee. At that time office of Delhi State Haj Committee was working at 179, Rouse Avenue, New Delhi and in the year 1992 was shifted in present Haj Manzil situated at Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi-110002.
As per Delhi Haj Rules-2006 under Haj Act 2002 (Parliament Act No. 35 of 2002) 1st regular Delhi State Haj Committee was constituted in 2013 and Dr. Parvez Mian was elected as its 1st Chairman. Accordingly Mr. Ashfaque Ahmad Arfi, Deputy Secretary, Delhi Legislative Assembly Secretariat was appointed as 1st full time Executive Officer on deputation by Government of NCT of Delhi on 25 August 2014.